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What is Contact Tracing?

The process of contacting people who have tested positive for the virus, asking questions about who the person has been in contact with and where they have been, then contacting those individuals to alert them of possible contact. Contact tracing is done by the health department and helps to: stop or slow the spread of the virus, let others know about possible exposure, share information about testing and treatment, and understand more about the virus and what can be done about it.

What does a Contact Tracer do?

  • A contract tracer talks with residents that are infected with COVID-19 to help them identify those who have had close contact with them within their infectious period.
  • The contacts are provided information and resources to help decrease their risk of getting and spreading the infection as well as education about COVID-19.
  • The contact tracer will also provide information to these close contacts on how to monitor themselves for illness, how they can spread the infection, and where to go to get tested or go if they develop symptoms.

Avoid Contact Tracing Scams

Those who are considered a contact of someone infected will be notified by phone. Please do not hang up if a contact tracer contacts you! However, there are some people who are trying to scam people during this time. Be informed and avoid scams on Contact Tracing. 

Apply to become a Contact Tracer

The Prince William Health District, as part of the Virginia Department of Health, needs to hire 140 contact tracers to support the local response to COVID-19.