Orders, notices and procedures from appellate and local courts about emergency operations due to COVID-19

Prince William County Courts

General District Court: is suspended from March 16- June 7, please call this number for the latest information 703-792-6141
*All General District Court case numbers begin with the letter “G”

Juvenile Domestic Relations Court: Special Continuing Order for Reduced Operations . 

Circuit Court: Open | More information

Office of Criminal Justice Services (Probation & Parole):

  • Both Lobbies at Criminal Justice Services are now closed, and staff are providing most services virtually and over the phone, including routine appointments and new intakes.
  • Intensive Probation/Pretrial Officers are conducting visits in the home or community only when necessary for urgent matters.
  • Pretrial staff continue to interview inmates at the Adult Detention Center in non-contact areas.
  • Officers are participating in essential court functions only, including arraignments for pretrial defendants.
  • The Court continues to place defendants on pretrial supervision and is utilizing the intensive program for some releases.
  • Probation/Pretrial Officers are placing GPS equipment for defendants released to the intensive program as ordered by the Court.
Effective June 1, 2020, anyone entering the Judicial Center/Courthouse must wear Face Covering at all times while in the building.
This order is signed by The Chief Circuit Court Judge.