The public is encouraged to vote by mail for the upcoming primary on June 23, 2020, by visiting the Virginia Department of Elections Website at

It is important to note that despite Governor Ralph Northam’s executive order to wear masks in public places, a person cannot be turned away from voting if they are not wearing a mask in the polling place.

Prince William County will conduct the Statewide Republican Primary for United States Senate and Democratic Primaries for the 1st & 11th U.S. Congressional Districts.

The Prince William County Office of Elections is planning to provide voters the option to vote from home by requesting them to mail in June Primary Ballots, in response to COVID19 and to maintain social distancing. Applications, both online and on paper, are accepted for people who wish to vote by mail for the June Primary Elections.

To receive a ballot by mail, apply online at Have your Driver’s License information and other personal information ready when you proceed to the website. Voters are welcome to call the Office of Elections at 703-792-6470 to have a paper application mailed to you.

People can view sample ballots for the June primaries at

People can participate in whichever primary they wish to vote in, but must choose one:  Democrat or Republican. Virginia conducts open primaries and does not register by party.